Who we are

We are one big happy family!
11 beautiful children are living in the home, who all have different skills, talents, hobbies and dreams! They are between 11 and 19 years old and there are 3 girls and 8 boys.
The young Nepali couple, Bini & Iman started taking care of the children since 2011. The children all have a different background from living on the streets of Kathmandu with or without their family, or coming from the villages in the country side and being extremely malnourished. Anita is the cook in the home and her two daughters, Asmita and Laxmi are also part of this beautiful family.

Aakash Dahal, Manish, Binod and Kabir were the first 4 kids they took from the street and not long after the two brothers Prakash and Aakash Pathak(he left the house). Then Karishma joined the family, she came from a small village in very remote area called Humla.
Dawa was the second kid they brought in from a village out of a remote area, and lastly one by one, the 2 sisters Silviya(She passed away in December 2020) and Kristina with their brother Abhi joined the family. Our family was complete!

This whole journey of helping and saving children and taking care of them has felt extremely fulfilling for Bini & Iman, its what made them grow to the beautiful and lovely human beings they are today. This great courageous adventure, full with love, joy, growth and a tremendous amount of struggles, all led up to our one big happy family!

Although this family doesn't share the same blood, they all love each other, care for each other, trust each other and look out for each other. This is what family is!

Our home isn’t an ordinary children’s home. Our home is for our kids. They don’t need to leave this house once they finished their highschool exams and we don’t have certain strict rules which could cause a child to get placed to another children’s home. We don’t see ourselves as an NGO, we are a family with pride and virtue!

Our family members